Choose whatever suits your needs:

  • Just Mix: Includes mixing the tracks to achieve the best result possible with the material that you provide, basic editing (Vocals, noises and other small imperfections) and comes with two revisions.

  • Mix & Fix: Includes complete editing of provided tracks, extra attention to vocals (Fix out of tune phrases if wanted/needed), addition of drum samples if needed and comes with two revisions.

  • Mix, Fix & Produce: In addition to mix & fix, we may record and use additional tracks that we feel can benefit the song, this includes an extra revision so you can aprove the work.
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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing one of our products you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • First of all don't worry about your songs, you own all of the work.

  • Purchase gives us permission to use the final product for promotional purposes. Please give us your social media handles so we can give you proper credit!

  • Any revisions included in the purchased product that are not used will be available for 3 months from date of completion.

  • We guarantee storage of all material for 3 months from date of completion, after which files may be deleted and any requested work is subject to new purchase.